Marina Muja (do not put her real name) is a 29years old female. She has primary level education and resides in rural Tanzania. She is a wife and mother of two children.  She had an opportunity to go to secondary school but did not manage to finish her secondary school education because of problems with the National Examination Council. She then decided to stay at home and help with domestic chores while waiting to be married. When she got married she engaged herself with a small business of selling samosa and buns (maandazi) to the villagers.

After being mobilized and sensitized about VICOBA by Wajibika project officers, she decided to attend the training. She was very inspired and touched by the lessons because she thought her savings and access to loans would solve many of her problems. She then decided to join Peace Maker VICOBA groups.

After a long wait, Marina decided to take a loan; she took 138,000Tsh which she was supposed to pay in 3 months.  With that money, she rented a small frame and opened a food kiosk. She managed to pay her debt in time and in August she loaned again 320,000Tsh which she is required to pay in 6 months’ time. She took a long time deciding to loan because she was reluctant as she says “I was scared to take a loan from my savings group because I did not have enough income to service the loan. I thought I would not be able to pay it on time. If I decided to take it, I wanted to have a plan on what I was going to do with it”. She got the courage to loan again and now earns more than 5000Tsh per day as profit.

Marina’s life has improved as with her earnings she helps her husband with providing for her family. Marina is also engaged in farming and with the profits she makes, she is able to purchase more and better quality fertilizers and seeds.