Lushoto Secondary School is one of the secondary schools that Wajibika launched its environment clubs. Since its initiation, the school has undergone through tremendous changes by the good work done by the club members. Before its establishment, the school environment had been badly affected by soil erosion since it rains a lot in the Lushoto and the school is located on a sloppy area. This condition made the school have a very unpleasant sight environmentally and be a source of dirt such as mud in classes since the students would had to walk through it during the rainy season to get to their classes.

Upon the clubs’ establishment, the soil erosion challenge urged the students to work on finding solutions to better their school environment by taking measures to control soil erosion. They made that their first task that they would work on as a team. Firstly, they engaged in planting erosion resistant grass and trees along the slopes. Later they planted this at other places such as outside the classrooms. Their effort and Lushotos’ favorable weather condition made their fight against soil erosion a success. Later they started engaging more on environment advocacy through their club with the help and supervision from their mentors(environment and geography teacher), the District Environment Officer and Wajibika Program Officer.

With the success they gained in controlling soil erosion in their school, the club members thought of a way of sharing this success to other environments that might be in need for change. Therefore, they have established a tree seedling nursery to give to students to plant at their homes and along their school boundaries.
The impact and change that Lushoto Secondary school had brought through their environment club made them gain popularity on environment advocacy. Their good work also got acknowledged by the government and was granted an award by the District Council for being the best school on promoting and advocating for environmental conservation. The government has since then been really supportive and appreciative of the projects’ initiatives on promoting environmental justice.