My name is Nuru Mohammed; I was born at MalimbeNyegezi Mwanza. In my family, I am the first born and I live with my parents and my grandmother. When I was young suffered Malaria which led to convulsions and later on I started studying at Nyamalango primary school at Nyegezi. While in school I was sexually violated i.e. raped frequently especially during the evening when I was sent to kiosk. I was raped with the student from St. AugustinoMalimbe because they thought I had brain problems.  Every now and then I have been following the fate of my legal case but I end up in the middle without a solution, those who raped me claim that I am mental.
Reproductive health studies has helped me
1.    I do not allow anyone to violate me sexually.
2.    Know about transmission of HIV/AIDS.
3.    To take care of myself and to become aware of my value as a girl.