ZIJUE HAKI ZAKO "Know Your Rights"

Husna* (48) a mother of four children, was a prominent business woman at kalangale, Mpyangula Ward in Uyui District. Her business was growing fast and this allowed her to build four iron roofed houses in her compound. One day in 2010 while Husna was out for business in Igunga she received a call from her tenant telling her that villagers have surrounded her compound and they want to burn her houses down, she told the tenant to leave the compound and to leave them to do whatever they wish. Villagers succeeded to burn down one slot which she used as store to keep crops and sheets. Three houses were pierced (to make holes). Hearing thenewsHusna was paralyzed she was in bed for three months and didn’t go back to the village. While still paralyzed and on bed rest Husna, received news that villagers again had  surrounded again her compound and demolished all her houses, divided every property which belongs to her (iron sheets, doors, windows, beds, mattress, clothes, utensils and everything which was in the houses) and the plots were given to other people. Husna didn’t go back instead after her recovery she went to live with her aunt in Shinyanga, her life was a mess. She had wished that she could go back to Kalangale because that was her origin and there she knew that she had farming land that would help produce her food but she was afraid something like what happened to her could happen again. After she learned about human rights she approached us with special request to take legal education to KalangaleMpyangula ward in Uyui district so as to educate people about human rights and human right violations or to inform any interested NGO to advocate on human rights at the place.

N: B Husna* is not a real name she didn’t want her name disclosed for sake of security.

YWCA in Loibosiret received a girl employed as a house maid, who has been beaten severely by her employer. She complained also about her salary and the fact that she had never been paid. We then referred the matter to Ward Police. The girl was able to file a complaint with the police (Police form No. 3) and was able to obtain medical treatment. The matter was referred to the Police Gender and Children Desk and the case has been filed before Kiteto District Court.