For thirty plus years YWCA of Tanzania hasoffered schooling for children with disabilities. YWCA’s focus on deliveringthis servicecame to be after our leaders noticed that there were no such schools for disabled children within their respective communities. Every child has the right to education,and benefits from the socialisation of a classroom environment.

Our teachers facilitate early childhood development and physiotherapy activities for students in our schools. Teaching methods include play, structured lessons, learning the activities of daily living and singing.

Education servicesfor children with disabilitiesoperate in the following branches:
•    Buguruni, Dar es Salaam–Pre-school for children aged 2-12 years
•    Moshi:  A pre-school and a school unit for children aged up to 15 years. Students in the school unit have the opportunity to board at the branch premises as well as learn using a computer specially designedfor those who have difficulties holding a pen. Giving the students an opportunity to write, express their social skills and promote social interaction.

YWCA of Tanzania provides education services for disadvantaged children without disability in the below branches:
•    Moshi: Kindergarten with a Montessori teaching method
•    Arusha: Pre-school
•    Buguruni, Dar es Salaam: Pre-school
•    Tanga
•    Morogoro

All YWCA education servicesrequire minimum school fees from their students, often making them the most affordable in the area. In most cases the fees do not come close tocovering the cost of educating the student, and the remaining budget is covered by the income generation activities of the branches.