Become a member of the YWCA and join the largest and oldest women’s ecumenical movement in the world!

YWCA Membership gives you access to a community of women and youth who are committed to bring about social change for the betterment of society. Every branch of YWCA operates its own programs and is always looking for new members to participate in, or lead activities.

Members also have the opportunity to become YWCA leaders and influence organizational structures and priorities.

Register to be a member at your local YWCA branch. There is no membership at national level i.e. at the HQ

Membership Categories
Full Membership: Open to all women and girls aged twelve and over who accept the Christian basis of the YWCA

Associate Membership: Open to all members and girls aged twelve and over who wish to avail themselves of YWCA services, but do not necessarily accept the Christian Doctrine

Junior Membership: Open to all girls under the age of twelve

Life Membership: Long term membership

Membership fee is 1000 TZS per month plus 1000 TZS for YWCA membership/identity card

Growth in YWCA membership is strategic focus area as it is vital to ensuring our sustainability and integral to the delivery of our mandate. It is through membership contributions that we are able to help individualswith services beyond the scope of our donor funded programs.