•    It is led by volunteer, although it can employ staff to work  in partnership
•    It has an elected volunteer Branch executive Committee *which sets policies. A volunteer Chairperson is elected to head the Branch Committee and eventually when fund is secured, a paid Branch Secretary may be appointed who will carry responsibility for the coordination of program and direction of staff and branch activities. The Branch executive Committee is responsible for her appointment and terms of employment
*The specific names and titles of committees, boards and leadership may vary in different branches
•    Members are recruited and involved in proposing and carrying out activities that address the needs of women and girls
•    In keeping with national YWCA purpose, program plans and ways to finance such are developed
•    A YWCA branch has a Constitution and By-Laws so that functions and procedures are clear. The Constitution and By-Laws comprise the laws that govern the branch. They are adopted by the members. They assure the organization’s permanent character, stability and democratic framework.
•    YWCA Branch leaders must have a clear idea of what the YWCA is and should be able to interpret the YWCA to the community
•    The YWCA works in coalition with other community organizations on common goals but keeps its own identity.