The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Tanzania is a non-profit membership organization which exists to develop the collective leadership of women and girls to achieve peace, dignity, justice and health for all.

Since the first branch of YWCA in Tanzania was established in Marangu-Moshi in 1959 we have been reaching those most in need with services whilst standing at the forefront of social change. To date there are 21 YWCA branches spanning Tanzaniacollectivelyserving over 4,000 members.

Inspired by the Christian faith we are proud of our achievements from over 50 years of programming in the areas of leadership development, education, disability, health including SRHR & HIV/AIDS, peace, environment, gender based violence, legal aid and socio-economic empowerment working within a framework of human rights and gender equality.We are anon-discriminatory organization serving both members and non-members regardless of race, nationality, gender, political affiliation or faith.  

In certain instances our programs employ positive discrimination whereby there is a focus on reaching women and girls with affirmative action to address historic gender imbalances.

YWCA of Tanzania is among the 125 National YWCA’s of countries which make World YWCA. The work of YWCA began in 1855 and was formally established as World-YWCA in 1894 making YWCA the oldest voluntary ecumenical women’s movement in the world.

YWCA has collaborated with the following local partners; Tanzania Gender and Networking Programme (TGNP), Women and Legal Center (WLAC), Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF), International Youth Fellowship (IYF),VijanaTunaweza,Planned Parenthood Federation (UMATI), Youth of the United Nation, United Nation Association, Young Peace Makers- Lushoto, DSW-Tanzania, UNFPA- Tanzania, Police Gender and Children’s Desk,Kivulini Women’s Organization and several religious associations.

YWCA has been supported financially and technically by David and Lucille Packard Foundation through World YWCA, Fredskorpset and NORAD through Y-Globaland  Norwegian Church AID, DANIDA and DFID through Legal Services Facility and Australian Volunteers.