We are anon-governmental organization (NGO), non-profit and a lay movement bringing together woman and girls from different grounds into countrywide fellowship.

The YWCA of Tanzania is a part of the worldwide membership movement of women committed to the empowerment of women to realize their potential and contribute to the achievement of peace, dignity and health for all.

The YWCA is a volunteer movement of women and girls. Currently, YWCA Tanzania has 21 branches spanning across the country with a membership base of over 4,000 people.

YWCA is an ecumenical organization not connected with any church, but working in accordance with Christian principles for the benefit of women and girls of all faiths.

The YWCA responds to concerns and unmet needs of communities with a focus to women and girls through relevant programs.

Like in the rest of the world, in Tanzania women have not been able to realize their full potential in society. Throughout its history, the YWCA, as a women’s membership movement, has promoted and developed opportunities for leadership by women at local and international levels.

Our programs target the most vulnerable and have directly reached over 30,000 beneficiaries since our inception in 1959. With thesethirty thousand direct beneficiaries in turn support thousands of community members and families.

YWCA has collaborated with the following local partners; Tanzania Gender and Networking Programme (TGNP), Women and Legal Center (WLAC), Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) more